Recent Articles for Healthy Directions Magazine

Hello there ! It has been a while since posting to the blog and I have had a moment to think about why that is. I have been writing to contribute articles to a health magazine that many of you may have seen. Healthy Directions is available for free in most health food and supplement stores. I was asked to contribute and I have 🙂  

Here are a couple of links to past issues.

The first is on page 34 of Healthy Directions magazine for August /September which was their Children’s Health Special. I discuss why many parents choose a Naturopathic Doctor for their child’s eczema, ear infections or ADHD.  You can link to it here :

The second is on page 16 – 17 in the Women’s Health Special for October / November. The article is “Finding Balance During Perimenopause” .

I do hope you enjoy them. Pass the links on to those you think might benefit from them.

The December issue will have an article that I wrote on Arthritis. Look for it in the magazine and I’ll also post it when it is available on line.

Dr.Vivienne Guy, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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