“New Research” – We’ve been saying it for years. Anti-Oxidants limit radiation damage from X-rays and CAT scans.

The Globe and Mail printed an article about a week ago that I was both grateful to see and frustrated at the same time. It spoke to “new research” that said, “Antioxidants can reduce DNA damage”. The frustration stems from the fact that this has been common knowledge in the Naturopathic community for a long time and sometimes I have witnessed a negative reaction by doctors when my clients have told them that they were taking them.  I take a deep breath and explain to my clients that, “they (the docs) are speaking from a place of fear or of the unknown”. Unfortunately instead of recognizing that Naturopathic Doctors are trained in this area, they often have opted to tell clients that they are not allowed to take the antioxidants or vitamins that have been prescribed.

I am now grateful for this article as it will put it into the public domain and increase awareness for patients undergoing radiation treatment that there are things that can be done to keep them healthy and prevent damage.  Speak to your Naturopathic Doctor.


Vivienne Guy, ND                                                                                                                                 Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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