Detox and Diet – Focusing on Safety, Health, and Wellness

ImageDetox programs are often in the news – especially in the New Year, when thoughts of  resolutions inspire us to look for new health program, new beginnings,and bright futures. Dr. Mireille Fanous, a registered naturopathic doctor at the Sunrise Wellness Center had this important feedback to offer on a recent “Dr. Oz ” episode featuring detox foods which aired on Jan. 28th.

“Just a little reminder for those of you who have watched Dr. Oz’s show on Jan. 28th. It is not always clear what “detox” means – You can be losing weight on a diet (hopefully a healthy one!), but not necessarily “detoxing”.  To detox, one needs to have emunctories working well (intestines, kidneys, lungs) – when we lose weight, we release toxins that have accumulated in our fat cells into circulation. If we are constipated, if our kidneys aren’t functioning optimally, if we are not drinking enough water, if we don’t breathe deeply or perspire, these toxins can recirculate and go back into our tissues.  To Detox, It is important to support our emunctories with appropriate treatment, be it through food or remedies if needed.” 

Mireille Fanous N.D.

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