Natural Skin Care – Healthy Aging

I have loved helping people with skin care over the years. Naturopathic medicine and it’s foundation in nutrition and lifestyle advances is the best form of medicine for feeling and looking healthy from the inside and out. Building on that, I have taken advanced training on the topic of skin care in areas of injection therapy, herbal medicines, hormones, and prescribing therapeutic doses of key vitamins and minerals to support skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, dullness and fine lines.

Often skin issues keep us form putting ourselves out there and this can affect our social and mental health too. While healing skin disorders we also improve overall health with improvements seen in energy and outlook as fabulous side effects!

A topic that comes up around skin health, is the aging process.

Some people shudder at “aging”. There is no magic wand to stop time, nor should we want to. I remind my clients that aging is a gift that not everyone gets to enjoy.
There is no way to stop them aging every minute, other than death and that’s not on the agenda any time soon, thank you! In this day and age, we get to have our cells in action for decades longer than many of our predecessors, so we are obliged to take care of our bodies for a lot longer.  That’s a substantial responsibility.


Why is it that aging affects the skin?

  • Cells divide more slowly as we age, and the inner layer of skin starts to thin.
  • This “slowing” down of the cells lessens the amount of skin that naturally sloughs off to reveal the new juicy cells underneath (hence the use of skin “peels” which chemically do that job for us.)
  • Oil secreting glands shrink, and this results in less of a “barrier” on the skin to keep all our fluids and plumpness in there.
  • Photo-aging from the sun (yes, it even happens in the winter) – UV light can damage both deep and outer skin layers. They also can cause the breakdown of collagen (the protein that keeps skin firm and improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and increases skin moisture)


Let’s talk about Healthy-Aging vs Anti-Aging.

Talk to me about healthy, fabulous aging skin and LOVE the conversation we will have. We can give our cells have the best opportunity to age appropriately and not too quickly. Ensuring that skin cells have all the antioxidants, hormones, collagen and all the other mighty nutrients that keep it smooth, free from blemishes and discoloration will be part of the plan in preventing skin deterioration


My fabulous Naturopathic tool kit for skin health
(check out our Facebook page in the coming while as I explain these in more details)


Topical antioxidant lotions
Dietary changes
Vitamin injections
Intravenous Glutathione for lightening appearance of dark skin spots (hyperpigmentation)
Reduction of acne scars
Therapeutic doses of key vitamin and nutrients for acne treatments
Amino acids to support collagen formation
Hormone balancing


Book your 30min Skin Care Consultation to talk about your steps into a healthy future, inside and out.



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