Sixty and Sexy? Of course!

Your kids are gone, you have the house to yourselves. Freedom Finally! Time to have some FUN. Right?

But you’re not feeling it. You’re not in the mood. Have you lost your mojo? While it is normal to have hormones decline as early as 40 years of age, many women are declining far more quickly than they would like.

They are also wanting so much more for the years to come, and to that I say, “Why not?”

All too often I hear, “I just want to be myself again”. They clarify, “I’m not asking for the 20-year-old self, I don’t want to be her. But even me 5 years ago would be good.”

So, what about you and what you want?

You remember how fun things used to be. You’ve imagined how fun things could be, but you have zero libido and can sometimes barely muster enough energy to wash your face. Perhaps you are noticing that your hair and skin have lost some of their luster? You don’t have to settle for a lack of shine in those areas either.

You can find solutions to feelings of fatigue, irritability, low sex drive, insomnia, memory loss, and dozens of other symptoms associated with unbalanced hormones.

Contact Dr. Vivienne, ND who can help you get back to you…or even a more relaxed, more joyful version of you.

Things to talk about.

Hormones to help with sleep.
Creams for comfort.
Herbal medicines to support your nerves.
Eliminating hot flashes.
Increasing libido. Taming the rage.
Prescription creams for fine lines and wrinkles.
And so much more…..

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